Sunday, August 25, 2013

Weekend Fun

When the weather is as close to perfect as it was this weekend... I wouldn't have wanted to spend it anywhere but outside!

Friday night, we enjoyed a staff team dinner out before heading to the women's soccer home opener! It was a gorgeous night to sit outside and enjoy the company of student athletes =) Oh, and Rutgers won!

Saturday, Tyler and I were determined to spend some time outdoors and enjoy not only one of the last "summer" weekends, but also the almost non-existent humidity!! After some searching, we decided to head west to Melick's Town Farm and pick flowers (more my idea, Tyler's just nice enough to go along with it). It was a unique experience and something I'd love to do again. And we're now looking forward to apple and pumpkin picking this fall!

On our way home, we stopped at Target and purchased some [long awaited] patio furniture, HALF OFF at Target! Score. The flowers found a place on our table and now brighten our home and serve as a great reminder of a wonderful day! After dinner, we spent the evening on the porch in our new chairs, in the glorious weather, devouring ice-cream and completing crossword puzzles. Yeah, we're the coolest kids on the block. 

Today, we spent the morning at church, got our grocery shopping done this afternoon, and then headed to campus to see the Rutgers volleyball scrimmage. It was fun supporting some of our AIA girls and even meeting some of the new girls on the team =) 

I love weekends like this. And with the school year picking up, so will my weekend schedule -- which I also love. It's a good balance... weekends full of sports and weekends full of adventures. All in all, I am grateful to have spent the weekend alongside my hubby and easing back into the swing of things as school starts up next week!

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