Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Friends in the Bloggersphere

Ahhh.... The world of blogging. I'm sure there are rules, but I don't follow them (a rebel at heart I guess?). I was introduced to blogging a while back and as I began writing my own blog, I tended to keep with a theme. Over time, this morphed. No longer am I bound to a theme of "devotional style posts" but posts on [my] life-- what God is teaching me, fun things/places I experience, and even yummy recipes. I incorporate in my blog, and write about, what gives me life!

Recently, I've discovered that many of my friends also have some really fun blogs, varying in type and topic. However, they're all interesting and note worthy (but I may be a little biased). Let me introduce you to my friends' blogs::

I just recently (maybe within the last week or so) stumbled upon this gem! My friend Amy, who I met my freshman year of college, is putting her creativity up for showcase. I love her thematic and creative posts. She's also one of my favorite Pinners to follow.

Now this is a brand new, fresh off the press, blog! Caity, a recent Rutgers grad, has jumped on the blogging bandwagon. I cannot wait to see how she develops and all that she shares!

This blog is one of the more creatively written blogs I follow. Robyn, a former USF track and cross country runner, tends to share from her heart with words as art. I am constantly blown away by her unique style of writing! It's encouraging to see God continue to grow and mature her in her faith!

D'Aisha, a Rutgers fifth year senior, writes from her heart and asks the bloggersphere heart-level questions to engage her readers. I enjoy her posts because they are not only inspiring, but they have depth and purpose.

Pao, a creative soul, tends to simply blog about life (which I love)! Her posts are insightful and relatable. What I like about her posts is that since they tend to vary in topic, she keeps me on my toes!

The title of this blog is PERFECTION. Sabrina, who I met taking education classes USF, is basically a real life princess (by that I mean, she's Disney obsessed). If I could write a script for her life, she wouldn't be teaching elementary school children... 
she'd have her own cooking baking show, taped in the kitchen of a Disney World Resort. She's creative and has a sweet tooth, which automatically unites our souls. Her recipes are creative and her posts are always fun to read!

These two blogs keep me connected with sweet girls playing soccer around the globe! God gave me the opportunity to disciple these two at USF while they were playing soccer. Now, they're playing at a professional level and keeping the world informed along their journeys via their blogs!

This blog is precisely as the title states... healthy recipes from a wife and soon-to-be-Mama! Jordyn's posts are exciting and DELICIOUS. Definitely a blog which I enjoy following.

Now I find this to be a very inspirational blog. Krysta, a creative mom, supportive wife, and workout advocate continually inspires me simply by sharing about her life. Krysta and I ran (literally, ha!) in the same circle only for about a year in high school, during the one season I chose to torture myself by running cross country. Now, we're only connected via social media. But nonetheless, I am so grateful that she shares about her life, children, and experiences via her blog! Her life and family is fun to keep up with!

Surely there are other friends of mine out there with blogs... please share your link in a comment! I'd love to peek into your life via the window of your blog. 

What blogs do you enjoy following?


  1. is one I left out that I enjoy reading! Marilette is a talented and thought provoking writer, engaging her audience with society and Spirituality today.

  2. Thanks for including me in your list!! I'm so honored :)

  3. Alli, you're awesome, thank you for the shout out! Loved reading about all the different blogs... may have to add some to the list of blogs to read!