Thursday, August 8, 2013

Iced-Coffee Success

This summer I ran on the strength of God and caffeine. And in my opinion, there is nothing like an iced-coffee in the summertime! During my time in Los Angeles in June, I thoroughly enjoyed Brooklyn Water Bagels' iced-coffee.... with coffee ice cubes (genius I tell ya)! But when we returned to New Jersey this week, it was my mission to enjoy iced-coffee at home. And at my first attempt, I reached near perfection with this:

I began by brewing a full, strong pot of Archer Farms Carmel Macchiato coffee. While still hot, I added desired amount of sugar (or sweetener of choice) and a heaping spoonful of Aldi's carmel topping, stirring until dissolved. I let it cool for a bit before pouring into a pitcher and storing it in the fridge. Now, it's ready to enjoy - poured over ice and I've been adding milk to each individual serving.

I must say, I've made iced-coffee at home many times before this and I don't think I'll deter from this method. It's delicious, perfect strength, and this particular batch has a decedent flavor! In the future, I will likely be making my own coffee ice cubes, because Brooklyn Water Bagels method is pure brilliance. As my husband watched me fill the ice cube tray with water last night he suggested I fill them with coffee for my iced-coffee. A gem he is, I mean really.

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