Sunday, May 1, 2016


Lately I have been faced with the reality that (surprise!) I have areas that need attention in my life--areas of much needed growth.

Why surprise? Because I know this. But at least for me, these realizations often come in waves or seasons. I'll just be cruising along and then straight out of left field, I am smacked square across the face with REALITY. I am reminded that there are areas of my life that need a remodel. 

I read a quote this week by Beth Moore that hit the nail on the head: "Embarassment is our friend when we let it motivate us to change."

Now my embarrassment (thank heavens) was more internal than public. But as I began to see the junk and unhealed hurt in my heart, I was embarrassed indeed. I have become a hoarder of sorts. I have let so much JUNK just take up space in my mind and heart and it is causing decay. So what's my plan? I need a remodel. And as exciting as the end result looks, I know the process is going to be uncomfortable--even painful at times. But I need to constantly remind myself of the beauty the finished product holds. 

I need to persevere through the demolition to the big reveal. But what I fear most, more than the discomfort, is the possibility of finding even more junk. If you've ever seen anyone go through an actual remodel--tearing a home apart to the studs, rebuilding something more sturdy and more beautiful than before, all while maintaining the foundation and bones--then you know a lot can "go wrong." Those HGTV shows have scarred me (and inspired me). I can see the surface problems and I am as ready as I'll ever be to tackle those...but it's what I have yet to uncover that scares me most. Oh but how I would be robbing myself if I chose the quick and cheap fix! I want to do this remodel right. No pain, no gain they say, right?

So, as I commit to uncovering, rebuilding, and beautifying, I do so both confidently and yet reluctantly. This isn't my first go at this. And I know it won't be my last. Thankfully, I have the promise of the Lord never leaving me nor forsaking me--even when my ugliest layer is exposed. And what a relief to know I'm not in this overhaul alone!


  1. Beautiful.....and you are not alone. I want to remodel, too.
    Love you!

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