Monday, May 30, 2016

Actions Speak

Actions speak louder than words, a phrase I'm sure most of us are familiar with. Those five words have deep meaning if we take the time to unpack them. But where did that thought originate from? Who came up with something so profound? I don't know the answer to that. 

However, I recently flipped the page on our daily Scripture calendar and 1 John 3:18 was before me. I began wondering if the generic actions speak louder than words phrase is a summary of this great Truth.

Maybe it is just me....  But words come up empty if there is nothing more than what is spoken, to give it value. Actions demonstrate what is beneath the surface. It is often times easy to say the right thing, but it is harder to fake loving in deed and truth. Lately, I have felt this tension and had to be mindful that words are just words until there is deed and truth as the foundation. I remind myself that I need to remain guarded when empty words are spoken, in order to protect my heart. This is a great challenge for me! As I seek to choose to believe the best in others, I also am called to (and know, from experience, it's best to) guard my heart above all else. When I am too quick to fall for words alone, I am often times left disappointed, hurt, or bitter. So I not only need to filter this as a recipient, but also as a lover of others. Am I loving others with simple words or am I truly loving others in deed and truth?

What about you.... are you loving others with {empty} words or are your actions supportive of what you say? I would encourage you to give some thought to this. And I'd venture to guess, it will make a  difference in your relationships. 

Sunday, May 1, 2016


Lately I have been faced with the reality that (surprise!) I have areas that need attention in my life--areas of much needed growth.

Why surprise? Because I know this. But at least for me, these realizations often come in waves or seasons. I'll just be cruising along and then straight out of left field, I am smacked square across the face with REALITY. I am reminded that there are areas of my life that need a remodel. 

I read a quote this week by Beth Moore that hit the nail on the head: "Embarassment is our friend when we let it motivate us to change."

Now my embarrassment (thank heavens) was more internal than public. But as I began to see the junk and unhealed hurt in my heart, I was embarrassed indeed. I have become a hoarder of sorts. I have let so much JUNK just take up space in my mind and heart and it is causing decay. So what's my plan? I need a remodel. And as exciting as the end result looks, I know the process is going to be uncomfortable--even painful at times. But I need to constantly remind myself of the beauty the finished product holds. 

I need to persevere through the demolition to the big reveal. But what I fear most, more than the discomfort, is the possibility of finding even more junk. If you've ever seen anyone go through an actual remodel--tearing a home apart to the studs, rebuilding something more sturdy and more beautiful than before, all while maintaining the foundation and bones--then you know a lot can "go wrong." Those HGTV shows have scarred me (and inspired me). I can see the surface problems and I am as ready as I'll ever be to tackle those...but it's what I have yet to uncover that scares me most. Oh but how I would be robbing myself if I chose the quick and cheap fix! I want to do this remodel right. No pain, no gain they say, right?

So, as I commit to uncovering, rebuilding, and beautifying, I do so both confidently and yet reluctantly. This isn't my first go at this. And I know it won't be my last. Thankfully, I have the promise of the Lord never leaving me nor forsaking me--even when my ugliest layer is exposed. And what a relief to know I'm not in this overhaul alone!