Sunday, March 30, 2014

Where Have I Been?

It's dawned on me a few times recently that I have been completely MIA from the bloggersphere for quite some time now. And my excuse seems pretty lame....

I've been busy.

Told you, lame. Because let's be honest, who isn't busy?

But for me, it's been a good busy. Busy spending quality time with the love of my life. Busy investing in the girls I spend my time with on campus. Busy staying connected with my friends, both near and far. Busy getting my new co-worker acquainted with "the ropes" of AIA life. Busy in the kitchen. Busy traveling for work. Busy reading. Busy with every day life.

Better yet, simply put, I've been busy where the Lord has me. And I've really been enjoying it. That being said, I may go MIA again for some time. It's not that I don't miss blogging. And if I could do it as easily from my phone as I can from my laptop, I'd probably keep up with it. But the truth is, my hubby and I share not only a car but a laptop. And his days more often than mine, require the laptop. So, I'm left with little time....and without a laptop.

There you have it. I'm your average human who cannot possibly do it all. I've come to terms with it. Have you? What's cluttering your life and keeping you from being where the Lord has you?