Wednesday, April 10, 2013

He Isn't Mine After All

On December 11, 2010 I exchanged rings with the man of my dreams. Our rings symbolize our commitment to one another, as well as to God, and serve as a symbol and reminder of our love for one another. 

But even with the exchanging of rings, the signing of a marriage license, and for me, taking his last name... God reminded me of something this week. Although Tyler is indeed my husband, and I am his wife, we do not belong to one another. Tyler belongs [first] to God! God created Tyler, first loved Tyler, and alone redeemed him. Then, He blessed me with the opportunity to know, serve, honor, and love him. And my main charge as his wife, is to glorify the Lord... to make God more known to Tyler, more evident to him (in how I love him, treat him, respect him, forgive him). I am simply a steward of Tyler and our relationship.

This may sound depressing and like I am minimizing my role as Tyler's wife. But I consider this realization a blessing! God will indeed hold me accountable for my marriage, but merely as a steward of what is His. And what an honor it is to simply love Tyler like Jesus. 

How do you make God known to those you love?

"God to whom I belong and whom I worship." 
- Acts 25:23

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