Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day


As we celebrate today, sporting our green garb, do we know just what we're celebrating? I grew up in a family that held dear to our Irish heritage. Every year, we would get together to enjoy a traditional Irish meal, corned beef and cabbage (something I will greatly miss this year, being in New Jersey!). And as a young child, I had festive teachers who played "Leprechaun" and would secretly stir up mischief in the classroom. Needless to day, St. Patrick's Day was always a day that I celebrated!

I stumbled upon this video which gives a great and quick history of the holiday. I love holidays with depth, meaning, and purpose. And I am somehow not surprised that we, as a culture, have taken a God-centered holiday and turned it into something completely secular, green beer and all. For me, this changes things. Not only will I continue to celebrate the life of Saint Patrick and my Irish heritage, but I will holdfast to the message Saint Patrick brought to Ireland - the message of Jesus Christ! From here on out for me, that part will not be overlooked or shoved under the rug, but it will take prominence as we look to Saint Patrick and his life as a missionary, taking the Gospel message to the world, as inspiration.

Today, I am proud not only to have some Irish blood in my veins, but also for the blood of Jesus as payment for my sins. Through Christ, I have salvation, forgiveness, and eternal life. And that is enough reason to celebrate today and everyday!

How do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

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