Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Break [After]

Spring break has officially come to an end. It was a much needed refreshing week, for sure! Although I dearly missed my husband (especially at night as I am such a scaredy cat!), my week was productive and enjoyable. 

Before the week began, I jotted down a list of things I wanted to set out to achieve, aware I wouldn't get them all done -- but I needed to have something to aim for!

What I did end up getting done... =)

- And the Shofar Blew by Francine Rivers - a GREAT read with plenty of surprises for me!
- Completely His by Shannon Ethridge (this I have read before but I think I could use a refresher!)
- Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers (this I have also read before but if I get to it, would love to again!)

- I ended up (almost finishing) The Atonement Child by Francine Rivers. I thought about the other 2 books and chose to read a book I hadn't yet read that had been on my "to-read-list" for quite some time.

- Wreaths (one for the front door, one for the kitchen) - here's my very first wreath! It'll soon be finding it's home on our front door. One was enough for now. The kitchen wreath will come soon enough.

- Replace St. Patrick's Day mantel decor with Easter decor - here's what I threw together to spruce up our home for Easter!
- Distress dining room table - I realized getting the table outside to do this, by myself, was more challenging than it was worth.

- Tyler's birthday - no such luck... poor guy. Hopefully I get SOMETHING by Friday....
- Easter basket fillers - SUCCESS! Sweet sweet success and so excited to give these fun treats to Tyler!
- Still on the hunt for tunics! (and I get to do this with a sweet friend) - My friend and I decided to wait until we were in a better financial position to go shopping... haha.

- Lunch with friends - loved Chick-fil-A with Missy, Bible study on Tuesday over coffee, tea, and snacks, and lunch with a friend at a Mediterranean place downtown!
- Zumba - no Zumba... but I did make it to the gym!
- Blog

- Skype (family)
- Call (friends, family) - I did this but would've liked to have caught up with some more people, for sure.

- Front door - now a clean home for the new wreath!
- Shower (it needs a nice deep clean) - whelp, still no clean shower. Shame.
- Floors (they need a good mop and shine) - what a workout to Swifter and mop wood floors throughout.... man!

And in addition to what I planned, I was able to spend some great time with the Lord in prayer, reading His Word and continuing to go through Beth Moore's Breaking Free Bible study; enjoy some chick flicks; spend a fun night with some gymnastics girls who were all unable to go home for break; get a huge dent in laundry; and sip tea from my new tea set!

Now that it's over, I am beyond thankful to have Tyler home safely, and am looking forward to finishing out the semester with a bang and look ahead to all that summer will hold!

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