Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring Break [Before]

Spring Break as I know it has changed forever. It is currently snowing outside as I sit in my apartment, with the heat on. Prior to this, I have spent every one of my Spring Breaks in the warm air and sunshine. I will be trading my beach towel in for a blanket this year.

As a sophomore in college, I traveled to Jamaica for Spring Break with Campus Crusade for Christ on a mission trip. Pictured above is me with my college discipler, mentor, and friend Brittany (formerly Campus Crusade staff) on a college campus during our time in Jamaica. It was an amazing experience! Not only were we exposed to the culture and people, but I also made friendships with other students on the trip, that I still have today!
Spring Break 2009 I was able to be a part of Campus Crusade for Christ's Big Break. Big Break is an outreach in Panama City Beach, Florida where much of the country's population of college students go to party throughout the week. It was an eye opening week... I for the first time was on the other side of the party scene and saw the emptiness in it, and came bearing Good News on the sandy beaches of Florida! Pictured above I am with the two other girls who attended Big Break from USF that year.

This year, here at Rutgers, Spring Break has been long awaited. As I step into this week, I step into days without meeting with girls on campus, no staff meetings, and no lunch in any of the Rutgers student centers (this one I'm excited about!). For some time, I had debated on whether to travel over Spring Break, host company, or simply continue to live out the adventure of living in New Jersey. Well, I would have loved to have had company... but nobody took me up on my offer via Facebook status (maybe not convincing enough?). So, here I am, husbandless for a week, with a small number of friends in the area, and a lot of time.

Last week, I took some time to think through some things I wanted to get done. I split up my desires/goals based on categories. Here's what I came up with:

- And the Shofar Blew by Francine Rivers
- Completely His by Shannon Ethridge (this I have read before but I think I could use a refresher!)
- Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers (this I have also read before but if I get to it, would love to again!)

- Wreaths (one for the front door, one for the kitchen)
- Replace St. Patrick's Day mantel decor with Easter decor
- Distress dining room table

- Tyler's birthday
- Easter basket fillers
- Still on the hunt for tunics! (and I get to do this with a sweet friend)

- Lunch with friends (so far, I have 3 lunch dates, all of which I'm looking forward to!)
- Zumba
- Blog

- Skype (family)
- Call (friends, family)

- Front door (it's FILTHY! and I refuse to hang a wreath on a dirty door)
- Shower (it needs a nice deep clean)
- Floors (they need a good mop and shine)

Whew! Long list, right? Yes! But I think I can do [most] of it!! Without a plan, I'd sit on my couch, browse Pinterest and get sucked into a TV series on Netflix for the next week. This will give me something to shoot for and even sharing with you adds some accountability. I look forward to sharing with you my successes throughout the week!

When you have extended down time, do you make plans or just go with the flow? Do you like to be productive with your free time, or do you like to just veg?

"Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established." - Proverbs 16:3

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