Sunday, November 3, 2013

Rejoice, Pray, & Give Thanks

The Bible is clear on many things. One being how often we should rejoice, pray, and give thanks. November tends to, and understandably so, be a month focused on gratitude. And I'm all for it. But I'd like to personally take it a step further. 

This passage will be the meditation of my heart as I seek to rejoice (feel or show great joy or delight), pray, and give thanks-- no matter what. It WILL be challenging. And I will not be perfect. I probably won't even come close to perfect. But it's my goal, what I will aim for this month. All by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Want to join me? I'd love to know that you also are committing to rejoice, pray, and give thanks thoughtfully throughout the month of November!

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