Monday, November 25, 2013

10 Things I Love About New Jersey

Tyler and I have now been living in New Jersey for a! I can't believe it's already been a whole year. We unintentionally celebrated tonight over dinner with some friends we met the day we moved in, as they showed up to help us unload the truck. It was fun to recount meeting them and a year later have a growing friendship.

In honor of our year in Jersey, I thought I'd take some time to reflect and share...

10 of my favorite things about New Jersey

1. The Weather. More specifically, seasons. This Florida girl had no idea what seasons were before New Jersey. Spring and fall are beyond gorgeous here in Jersey. And I have to say, winter can also be quite beautiful! Summer....reminds me too much of Florida with it's heat and humidity to be noteworthy. ;-)

2. Rutgers Athletes in Action. We walked right into a community of student athletes, coaches, and fellow AIA staff who are fabulous. It's a movement where God is evident and the Gospel is center.

3. Proximity to....just about everything. New Jersey's location is prime! Since living here, we have ventured to several surrounding places, with ease! [Philadelphia, New York, The Pocono's, and quaint spots within New Jersey] 

4. Princeton, New Jersey. The town is my favorite place to spend time! It's quaint, old, and has some really unique shops and restaurants. Anybody who knows me here, knows I love Princeton. 

5. People are surprisingly not rude. When many people, at least those I know in Florida, think of New Jersians, they think of rude folks. I have found that is just not true! The stereotype is incorrect folks. During our year here, I have had many friendly conversations with people in stores, lines, and restaurants. Although I will say, the common "smile as you pass" trend that I was familiar with growing up, isn't reciprocated here.

6. Food. Food is big deal here in New Jersey. Diners can be found on almost every street, Italian restaurants are commonplace, and "hole in the wall" joints have food that far surpasses their storefronts. 

7. Jacob's Well. Our church here in New Jersey has quickly become a place where we feel at home. We have many friendships within the community of people at Jacob's Well and it's a place where we often bring others! Any place with a good church community, is a good place.

8. Not only is New Jersey close to big cities, but it is also The Garden State, which means it offers rural fun such as apple picking (on next fall's bucket list), fresh markets, and bangin' produce!

9. There is rich family history here for me. My grandfather was born here and for generations before him, my ancestors dwelled and even fought in battles on New Jersey soil.

10. And last but certainly not least.... WE DON'T PUMP OUR GAS! It's a glorious luxury, especially in freezing winter temps. I am oh so grateful for the gentlemen who suffer for me.

And there you have it. Broken down. It's true. 

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