Monday, September 16, 2013

Prayer is Always Needed

Prayer. Talking with God. We crave it in times of trouble. We are drawn to do it when we reach the end of ourselves. Unfortunately, it is all too often not our first response. Prayer.

Last week, I intentionally sent a text to a dear friend and ministry partner [who happens to be a former rock star collegiate soccer player] to pray for the student led Women's Soccer Bible study that was starting up here at Rutgers. She responded that she gladly would and for that I was grateful. I knew that prayer was necessary-- only God could bring girls to attend the study, only God could effectively speak through the two girls leading, and only God could make His Word come to life for them. Prayer was essential because it invited God into the situation and demonstrated dependence.

This week, I had three friends reach out for prayer. One sought prayer as she met with a parent, seeking financial support for her new ministry. Another, a new mom, found out yesterday that her husband was let go from his job. And the other has reached what seems as her rock bottom-- she asked I pray for her and her school-aged daughter who was the victim of a terrorizing and traumatic event. 

I came to realize, that there will always be something in life that needs prayer. Why? Because we will without a doubt be faced with circumstances and emotions that far exceed us-- they require Divine intervention. When we pray, we are acknowledging to God that we need Him, that apart from Him, we can do nothing (John 15:5). This Truth rings true this week for me, "Pray for one anotherThe prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working." - James 5:16. I couldn't be more grateful to have friends who will not only seek prayer, but who are willing to bring my needs to the Lord on my behalf!

Do you regularly pray for those in your life? Do you reach out to others when you're in need of prayer? I'd encourage you to go before Him today in prayer! He is faithful to answer.

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