Monday, May 27, 2013

Do I Have to Say Thank You?

Many of us often seek to...... Do the right thing. Give to one in need. Go above and beyond the expected. Or do we seek to simply be caught doing so? Do we so badly want to be seen for our good acts that we lose sight of the pure motivation?

We live in a culture that places high value on being recognized, appreciated, and thanked. Now don't get me wrong, I am all about showing gratitude and appreciation. But I'm afraid there is too much emphasis on that and not enough on simply doing good.

I have experienced this personally-- been accused of not appreciating one and all they've done for me enough. Now, this could be true. And I need to search my own heart for the sins of pride and entitlement. But the same could be said for the one accusing me. Could they be experiencing such entitlement for serving and loving me that they feel I now owe them something? Because then it isn't service and love at all....

It seems as though people do not want to offer to help, give, or do unless there is something in return for them. Is this true of you? When you help somebody out and they don't thank you [in the way you believe would be best], how does that make you feel? I know I find myself wrestling with this at times. It takes supernatural power for me to serve, wholeheartedly, without hoping for or expecting anything in return -- even within my own marriage! But I know when I don't get anything in return (or what I'd hoped to get in return) I do gain God. I learn more about who God is when He alone sees and rewards my deeds. And it's in those moments that God reminds me that we don't deserve a thank you (our pride just tells us we do).

Being under appreciated can either tempt me to complain and expect, or push me towards gratitude and godliness. I would much prefer, in the long run, gratitude and godliness! How about you?

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