Friday, May 31, 2013

Crazy Days of May

WOW. I cannot believe May is at it's end. It seems like just yesterday the month began and I was wrapping up my regular meetings and Bible studies with student athletes on campus. But, here we are, approaching June.

May was a month of many blessings. It hit me what an incredible treat it is to live in a small state, able to travel to so many (new for us) places with ease. Growing up in Florida spoiled me in many ways. I've seen more sunsets than I can count, swam many a times in both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, and have owned an annual pass to Disney World. Some, if not all, of those things many people will never experience. But now, living in New Jersey, I am overwhelmed with gratefulness to have such quick and easy access to so many new adventures! 

For instance, in early May, we headed to Philadelphia (a mere 65 miles from our New Jersey home) as staff team to end out the semester. It was a new experience for both Tyler and I... as we had never been to Philly. During our day there, we devoured cheesesteaks and broadened our understanding of our country's history. And let me say, we will be back. On my "Living in New Jersey Bucket List" is to attend an Eagles home game!

Later in the month, my Mom visited! She had never been to New Jersey and was excited to see our new home. We gave her a well rounded tour of the surrounding areas and spent one day in New York City! She absolutely loved Princeton, and I don't blame her. In about 45 minutes, we can be in downtown Princeton-- a quaint, historic town with so much character! We also were able to visit some family history while she was here. One of our ancestors fought at a battleground here in New Jersey during the Revolution! So cool to see and experience some deep family history.


To end the month, Tyler and I hit New York City for a Walking Cupcake Tour we found on Groupon. An easy (yet exhausting) day trip. We hopped on the train and were soon walking the city enjoying sweet deliciousness. We sampled several desserts and walked new-to-us streets in New York. After the Cupcake Tour, we spent some time sightseeing -- the Empire State Building, the "Friends" apartment building, the apartment stoop used as Carrie Bradshaw's in Sex and the City, and the New York Public Library. Needless to say, it was a day of much variety!

While I was counting on May to be a time of extended rest and rejuvenation before our hectic summer of work and travels, I am glad to have gained a true appreciation for our current home and taken advantage of what our diverse country has to offer!

What do you appreciate about where you live? Get out and enjoy it!

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