Friday, October 19, 2012

Before the Future

Have you ever felt like God ordained opportunities are escaping you? Like, if you don't act now, they may soon be out of reach?

I was catching up with a friend recently and our conversation got me thinking.... she is currently engaged in a group setting that she will soon leave. She sees the importance of grooming others to take over once she's gone, but her time leading is not yet over and she's currently being slightly robbed of her opportunity! My immediate thoughts are, it's because of the eagerness of others that she is being robbed of her leadership opportunities. That eagerness is not all bad, for it is their eagerness that is pushing them to step up and willing to be the future leaders. However, their time is not now, but it will come. While they are all together there is such a unique time of growth and development, for everyone!

Where would you fit into this scenario? Are you being robbed of your leadership opportunities? If this is you, set appropriate boundaries and remember that you still have the chance to lead. In fact, not only do you have the chance to lead the group, you have the chance to lead and teach the future leaders. They need your help! Or, are you not taking the time to learn the ropes from an experienced leader while you have the chance? My advice is to step back and let those who have the experience lead. Learn from their example and allow them to develop you into the leader you're destined to be! Your time will come... your dreams and opportunities are not escaping you. Trust in God's timing and give others the opportunity to lead as well.

"Listen to advice and accept instruction,  that you may gain wisdom in the future." - Proverbs 19:20

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