Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Life has caught up to me. I have been finding myself feeling busy, tired, and overwhelmed recently. One cure, has been coffee! I function throughout the day so much better when I have had a tall glass of iced coffee.... mmmm.... Another, has been relying on the Lord. When I do things -- whether it be a workout, a conversation, or housework -- out of my own strength, I reach a point of not having enough strength to continue any longer. But, when I depend on God for strength, He sustains me through more than I could ever hope or imagine to accomplish on my own!

Earlier this year, I shared about the letters I wrote to my daddy and to a former college roommate of mine. It had been a few months and I had not heard back from my former roommate (who we can call B). Well, a few weeks ago I ran into B at an event. We were civil, but I was not sure why we were acting as though everything was ok. I mean, yeah I had apologized for being selfish, made wrongful assumptions, and prideful, but after that letter of apology I never heard back. So, it just seemed peculiar that everything seemed normal. As we parted ways, we said, "we should get dinner sometime" which, often times translates into, "it was nice seeing you, and to be polite, let's act as though we'll get together in the future but know I have no intention of doing so." Well.........  about a week later, we did get dinner! Tyler and I got dinner with B and her mate =) It was a lovely evening over a lovely dinner. But that's not all.

After dinner, the four of us walked around for a bit. And by bit, I mean a couple of hours! B and I had an extremely healthy, heart level conversation. We both apologized, shared from our hearts, listened to one another, and were vulnerable. This, was not how things had always gone with B. It was a breath of fresh air to finally have her sharing with me and not just listening. We shared how much we value one another and our friendship. All in all, it is a great feeling to know that one of my dearest friends, from my college years, and I have bridged the gap and our friendship has been restored. I thank God for leading me to reach out to her with that letter. And, I thank Him for softening our hearts. We have both grown up so much from how we had left things...

There is no doubt in my mind that God is up to some exciting things.... my relationship with my daddy has been restored, my friendship with B is back on track... I can't wait to see how else God surprises me, blesses me for steps of faith and obedience I have taken, and continues to answer prayers that will bring Him glory!

"Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all we ask or think, according to the power at work within us..." - Ephesians 3:20

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